Links for Parents

Sites for Parents

The links below direct you to web sites that will help you take good care of your children and learn more about some common health problems.

This is not a substitute for advice from your physician.


Videogames/phones/computer use. Please refer to links below or refer to Healthy Childrens or American Academy of Pediatrics and

Sleep Guidelines for middle schoolers/adolescents:

General Health Issues eat right, get active, don't smoke, see your doctor. The ABC's of raising healthy kids - steps to staying safe and healthy. U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services site with extensive health, safety and nutrition links. information on teen safety, nutrition, growth and development, parenting and more. - lifestyle and wellness topics, first aid, disease specific information and more. tips for travel, vaccines, emergency preparedness, health promotion and more. health and wellness information, health tips, parenting, and safety issues. an interactive health site for parents, teens and children. National Library of Medicine's site with information on a variety of health concerns. information about various safety topics and product recalls. promotes head lice prevention with activities and information for adults and children. the American Academy of Pediatrics site which includes information on safety and health issues. Mayo Clinic's guide to diseases and conditions. Fact sheets on various medical concerns. County of San Diego web site that includes FAQs on immunizations, TB, and many other public health issues.

ADHD National Institute of Mental Health overview of ADHD, interventions, treatment options. family support, resources. lots of information regarding ADD vs vision problems, medication and a glossary of terms related to ADD, ADHD, and vision. National Attention Deficit Disorder Association's site which provides membership, current news articles about ADD and a frequently asked questions section. information and support for parents, educators, family and friends.

Allergies American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology's patient and public resource center. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America's web site with information, an educational support group and a resource catalog. information, free alerts and discussion boards about peanut allergies. information, education and research about food allergies; includes sample recipes.

Asthma sites for parents, teachers, coaches, kids and teens. preparing for school, asthma anatomy, attendance plan, making exercise safe and other resources for asthma management. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's asthma resources. Asthma basics, treatment options, interactive asthma tools. information on Advair (combined preventive medication), asthma control quiz, tips for managing asthma. web site for the American Lung Association which provides information on asthma, tobacco, school programs and lung diseases from A - Z. provides guidelines to consumers based on the National Asthma Education & Prevention Program. American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology's site with a resource center and links to other asthma sites.

Cancer help for children with chronic, life threatening illness or disability. alphabetical list of all types of cancer with information on each type. web site for the American Cancer Society. - ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, signs to look for, potential risks and ways to celebrate the life of a child with cancer. family handbook on navigating through cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery (may take a while to download, 1.45 MB). information and resources on childhood cancers.

support, education and advocacy for children and adolescents with cancer, survivors of childhood/adolescent cancer and their families. information on all types of cancer and their treatments. Leukemia & Lymphoma site with information on fighting blood cancers. resources created especially for parents and others caring for a child with leukemia.

Cardiac (Heart) information on health issues related to your heart and circulatory system including high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks. pediatric cardiology information. sudden arrythmia death site with screening tool to determine your child's risk.

Dental 24 brochures for parents on dental related issues.

Dermatology (Skin) information on common skin conditions and skin reactions. skin infections, diseases and treatment. addresses multiple skin conditions.

Diabetes contains information on all aspects of diabetes, recipes and chat rooms. web site for the American Diabetes Association. web site for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (see Life with Diabetes section). understanding insulin dependent diabetes, using insulin.

Drugs and Smoking tools and tips for talking to your kids about not smoking. tobacco IQ quiz & information on how tobacco companies manipulate teenagers through misleading advertising. "Parents - The Anti-drug" site with information on street drugs in English, Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Korean and Vietnamese.

First Aid how to provide first aid for a multitude of medical problems. UCSD's information on poisonous plants, venomous animals and related first aid. California's Poison Control Hotline with information on home safety, first aid, venomous insects, animals and plants.

Medications information on thousands of prescription and over the counter (OTC) medications, proper administration, side effects. Costco's online information on medications.

Mental Health American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's site with informtion on issues that affect children, teens and families. information for parents on various mental health topics. information on adolescent anxiety issues. information on adolescent depression. addresses multiple behavior and emotional subjects. information on eating disorders. additional information on eating disorders.

Nutrition "helping inpiduals to make healthy food choices". family guide to healthy eating. incorporating good nutrition into daily life, recipes, meal ideas and planning tools. guide of practical tools to help kids stay at a healthy weight. - popular diets potential benefits and expert information. information on risks for overweight adolescents and treatment suggestions. helping your overweight child. healthy eating and physical activity to help your child.

Scoliosis questions and answers, overview, clinical trial information. National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disorders - questions and answers about scoliosis in adolescents. symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, FAQs. overview and treament options.

Seizures Epilepsy Foundation's information for those with newly diagnosed seizures. guide to living with seizure disorder. guide to helping teens with epilepsy. "You are not Alone" toolkit for parents of teens with epilepsy.

Sleep learn the basics about children's sleep and sleep problems. waking America to the importance of sleep.

Vision/Eye Care

medical library of eye health and eye safety. information on eye conditions, anatomy, procedures, and recent news. eye diseases & disorders, anatomy, resources. overview of colorblindness. Government site on eye protection and safety.


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