Gender Neutral Dress Code


At Lewis Middle School, we strive to help students grow as learners and as citizens. The Lewis Dress Code encourages students to keep their focus on learning, maintain school and age-appropriate attire, and to be safe as they express their individuality appropriately. This dress code applies equally to all students.

  1. All students must be covered completely with clothing no shorter than fingertip length to no more than 1 inch below where the arm meets the torso in non-see-through materials. Shorts may be above the finger-tip length if the inseam is at least 3 inches. This is the only exception.

  2. The front and back of a shirt or top must be connected at the shoulder by a sleeve or strap of at least two inches in width.

  3. Clothing must cover all undergarments.

  4. Clothing must be free of gang-related, obscene, or offensive messages. This includes, but is not limited to, depictions or messages suggestive of weapons/violence, drugs, alcohol, or sex.

  5. Shoes must be closed at the toe & heel, have a firm sole, and a heel no higher than two inches.

  6. Head coverings worn for religious purposes are allowed; hoods and beanies may be worn outside in cold weather (cold enough to see your breath). Head coverings are not permitted in any other situations.

  7. In order to maintain security and safety, the following items are not allowed:


    -Dangling belts

    -Wallet chains or insignia belts/buckles

    -Sunglasses and hats (except in PE with a doctor's note on file)


    -Trench coats

    -Jewelry that may be deemed dangerous or offensive, including, but not limited to, sharp or pointed earrings.

  8. Writing on the body is not allowed.

When a student's attire does not meet the dress code, he or she will be asked to remedy the issue in one of the following ways:

Student will be asked to

  • Change into alternative appropriate clothing from their PE locker

  • Change into clothes provided by the office

  • Call home from office to request a change of clothes

Lewis staff will address non-compliance with the dress code in a respectful and professional manner. Students who repeatedly make clothing choices that do not adhere to the dress code will face consequences for defiance.

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